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Outdoor clothing that keeps our kids warm and dry when it's cold and cool when it's hot requires performance fabrics and quality construction. Waterproofness, breathability, range of motion, and other special features all come at a higher cost than lower quality materials and is why so many outdoor clothing brands are so expensive. But literally half the reason those brands are so expensive is because when they sell through retailers, the price doubles, whether you buy in store or on the brand's website.

SHRED DOG™ is able to provide high quality, high-performance, outdoor apparel for kids due to our Wholesale-to-Consumer pricing model. Rather than sell at wholesale to retailers who then double the price, we will only sell directly to you at that same wholesale price, allowing us to use higher quality materials and build a better product. 

100% the performance 50% the price.kid skiing and testing shred dog gear



Why would we guess on the styles, colors, and features you want?

At SHRED DOG, we don't guess at what will be most important to kids and parents. While other brands develop new products behind closed doors with limited to no customer input, only occasionally engaging small focus groups, we prefer to provide total transparency. Our Co-Design process for developing new products allows your family to have direct input, influencing the styles, colors, and features of our products. 

To participate in our Co-Design Process sign up with your email address at the bottom of the page and follow us on social media for additional updates. 

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We believe in the magic of the outdoors. We believe in trading screen time for more hikes, ski trips, bike rides, or just playing in the yard, even when the weather doesn't cooperate. To help even more kids experience and fall in love with the outdoors, we will support non-profit organizations that share our passion for getting kids off the couch and into the outdoors. And just like we do with our product designs, we will design these programs with your input. We are still in our initial product development stage of building SHRED DOG but will be asking for input, evaluating organizations, and launching this program in the near future.




We are currently in the product development phase of launching SHRED DOG which means some fabric decisions, factory decisions, and logistics are still in the works. That said, we are 100% committed to responsible, ethical manufacturing, and will not compromise on that commitment to save a few bucks. We will only work with WRAP certified and FLA compliant factories that ensure safe, humane, lawful, and ethical manufacturing.




Are the photos on the website showing SHRED DOG merchandise?

Not yet!  We are currently in the product development phase of launching SHRED DOG and can't wait to replace the stock photography over the next few months.

Why is SHRED DOG merchandise not yet available for sale on the website?

We are currently testing prototypes and finalizing manufacturing details. But stay tuned, we will be launching pre-orders soon. Unlike other brands that do not launch a website prior to having product for sale, we did so to bring you into the process early, share our journey, and most importantly, collaborate with parents to build this brand together.

Will SHRED DOG merchandise be available in retail stores?

No. Selling through retailers would double the price of our high performance products for you whether you bought them in a store or on our website and we don't think that's fair. We are committed to bringing you radically-priced performance and our Wholesale-to-Consumer way of doing business is the best way to do that.



SHRED DOG was co-founded by Marc Dietz and Dallas Moore. Marc is a devoted dad who loves creating memories in the great outdoors with his son, Ryker, and who has built a career in marketing, helping to build brands based on customer engagement, impeccable service, and delivering value far beyond a set of product features. Dallas is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying extensive time in the backcountry with friends and family. He is an expert in Wholesale-to-Consumer pricing, technical apparel, and Customer-Driven Design.


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