Boys Puffy Jacket | Thin but Warm | SHRED DOG Malamute Insulator

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Boys Malamute Insulator (renewed)

This thin but warm insulated puffy jacket zips into the Duke Hardshell and also provides water-resistant warmth year-round. 

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Renewed items have been professionally cleaned and re-furbished.


why we made it

A quality, everyday, insulated "puffy" jacket from other brands cost $100 or more and is in addition to buying a winter/ski/snowboard jacket. We designed the Malamute insulator to be that perfect year-round lightweight jacket yet also do double-duty as the insulation layer that zips into our winter hardshells.


versatility that saves you money

The Malamute Insulator is more than just your kids’ favorite everyday jacket, it can also be layered or zipped into the Duke Hardshell (sold separately) for snow sports. This layering system keeps kids comfortable in a variety of conditions and allows parents to spend money on adventures instead of gear.

how it compares to the competition

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