Boys Ski Bib Pants | Ages 7-12 | SHRED DOG Ridgeback Convertible Pant

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Boys Ridgeback Convertible Bib Pant (renewed)

Durable weather protection that can be worn as a bib or as a pant. Elite performance for kids that ski, ride, or just play in the snow all day. 

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Renewed items have been professionally cleaned and re-furbished.

Gray Shred Camo

why we made it

Some boys want bibs, some don’t, so the Ridgeback Pant has a removable bib so you and your shredder can decide based on mood or conditions. Lightly insulated, fully waterproof, and super breathable, these pants will keep them warm and dry but not overheated on spring days, storm days, wet days, and everything in between.


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To keep your kids warm and dry in all conditions, our upper body layering system provides versatility and the same elite performance as the Ridgeback Convertible Bib pant.