Origin of SHRED DOG

I decided to start SHRED DOG based on two passions in my life – being a dad and enjoying the outdoors with my son, Ryker. When we are skiing, hiking, kayaking, camping, scrambling on rocks, riding bikes, playing soccer, having snowball fights, or just walking in the woods, there is truly nothing better. It’s just magic. And I wanted to build a brand that reflects those passions and that would connect with other dads, moms, and kids that share those magical moments in the outdoors.

As amazing as those moments have been for my family, enjoying the outdoors with kids is not always easy. They get cold, they get wet, they get hot, you know the drill. Not only do you want to be a good parent and make them comfortable, but let's face it, these challenges often result in us parents not having as much fun either!

Shreddog dad and son

A problem with the kids outdoor clothing market stood out for me as something I could solve. Keeping kids warm and dry when it’s cold (or cool when it’s hot) requires quality clothing but the brands on the market are either low quality, simply too expensive considering how fast kids grow, or in many cases, actually both.

Around the same time that I was talking to other parents about better and more affordable gear for our kids, I was lucky enough to meet my eventual co-founder, Dallas. He had just spent six years building a high-performance outdoor apparel brand that sells directly to consumers and, with no retailer middleman doubling the price to the consumer, that brand has been able to use better materials and build better products than other brands for a given price point.

Wow, perfect timing. Perfect partnership. SHRED DOG was born.


As for the name SHRED DOG™, we wanted a name with personal meaning but, as importantly, one that would appeal to both boys and girls of varying ages. We wanted a name that is bold but not aggressive. Fun but not silly. Action-oriented but not extreme.

So, why SHRED DOG? My son’s favorite activity and one that brings us both tremendous joy together is skiing. Ryker learned to ski at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, CA, and right next to the ski school there is a lift called Red Dog. To put a fun twist on it, we decided to call the brand SHRED DOG. Our plan for SHRED DOG is to be a year-round outdoor brand and not just for snow sports, but it's a name that fits the personality of the brand and will always remind us of why we started this…  Family. Joy. Getting outside. Memories that will last forever.

Overall, our mission is to help more families make more magic and more memories in the outdoors and we are doing that by making kids outdoor apparel that fits better, works better, looks cool, and is sold at a much better price compared to other brands. But SHRED DOG is about more than high performance quality at an affordable price.

We want to build products that parents and kids love, of course, but we also want to build a company that they can feel a part of. One way we hope to do this is by involving our customers in a unique way. We don't want to guess at what products, styles, colors, and features you want. Instead, we will be allowing and encouraging parents and their kids to participate in all of our product designs just as we did to design the SHRED DOG logo.

Welcome to the SHRED DOG pack! Ryker, Dallas, the whole (small) SHRED DOG team, and I look forward to your input, feedback, and ideas, as we build this brand together.

And, in the meantime, we'll see you outside. Creating magic. Creating memories.

- Marc

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