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Welcome to SHRED DOG!

As followers or friends of Bring The Kids, we have a couple special offers just for you.

Take 25% off any order by using discount code BTK25 at checkout OR take 35% off any order of $400 or more (discount code BTK35).

And, just as we do for all customers, we want to eliminate the risk of shopping online. We offer free shipping on orders $50 or more and also free returns/exchanges. Thanks for stopping by! 


Want to Learn More?

  • Most brands simply shrink down adult styles and remove features to lower costs. We do the opposite, designing specifically for kids with exactly what they need. Check out: 10 cool & functional features for kids winter gear

  • We sell kids' gear that is higher performance but at a price that is 40% less than other brands because we cut out the retail markup. Learn more about our Direct-2-You pricing.



Contact us at or 720-221-2488 and our customer service team would love to help!