Layering System

Layering System

by Dallas Moore October 25, 2017 0 Comments


Keeping your kids warm, dry and comfortable on the mountain makes a day on the slopes much more enjoyable for the entire family. Winter activities like skiing and snowboarding require high levels of exertion on the way down the mountain, followed by sedentary periods while waiting in lift lines and riding back to the top. Additionally, temperatures on the mountain can drastically change over the course of a single day. These factors can make selecting the ideal gear to keep kids comfortable and dry extremely difficult. For the purpose of this post, we will be looking at the upper body layering system.


The ski and snowboard industry has conditioned most parents to dress their kids in a light base layer combined with an insulated hardshell jacket (a waterproof shell with insulation built in). An insulated hardshell offers very limited versatility and provides a small temperature range in which the kid will be the optimal combination of warm and dry. Warmer temperatures, or higher exertion levels will often cause the kid to overheat, and with no way to remove the insulation layer, condensation (sweat) will begin to accumulate inside of the jacket. Once the kid is wet inside of their jacket, they will become miserably cold when stationary (i.e. waiting in lift lines).  


Our mission is to create a functional layering system specifically for kids, with input from their parents, that will allow simple body temperature regulation in a wide range of conditions to keep kids comfortable and happy.

 1) Baselayer (worn next-to-skin)

  • Mid weight, moisture wicking material with an extremely soft hand feel.

2) Insulation (keeps kids warm, can zip into hardshell)

  • Synthetic Insulation for increased breathability during exertion. Extremely packable when not in use.

3) Hardshell (outermost layer, keeps kids dry)

  • Waterproof and breathable with high levels of durability.

SHRED DOG Layering System

Our insulation layer will be styled and designed to function as a stand alone piece, and will be sold as a stand alone piece. If you prefer to only have one jacket to keep track of instead of two (hardshell + insulation), we plan to incorporate the ability to zip the insulation layer into the hardshell jacket, allowing the two pieces to be connected and function together as a "3-in-1" jacket. (A 3-in-1 jacket can be worn as a hard shell by itself, insulation layer by itself, or the hardshell and insulation zipped together and connected).


I know what you are thinking: 3 layers are going to be so much harder to put on my kid than 2 ... but the ability to add or remove layers based on fluctuating temperatures and exertion levels will keep you and the rest of the family on the mountain longer while making your time there so much more enjoyable.

If 3 layers are difficult to manage with your kid, you can zip the insulation into the hardshell and have them function together as one piece. With our design, you are always only a zip away from being able to regulate your kids body temperature.

For more on what to look for in kids winter gear, check out our Buyer Guide blog post as well. 


Dallas Moore
Dallas Moore



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