Update on Color Designs and Our Timeline

Update on Color Designs and Our Timeline

by Marc Dietz December 01, 2017 0 Comments

Recap of Co-Design Stage 2

Thank you again to all the parents and kids that participated in Stage 2 of our last co-design process! We gathered a ton of great feedback on possible colors, color-blocking, and print patterns for SHRED DOG's first line. We have narrowed down most of the color-related input and are working through the cost details now. We will launch with as many different color options as we can, but for our first season, we will be prioritizing the options most preferred by the most families.

2 New SHRED DOG Print Patterns

More details to come on the other final colors, of course, but as a quick sneak peak, we want to share with you the first two print patterns SHRED DOG will launch with. Both are camo-inspired but also uniquely SHRED DOG.

The first pattern, what we call "Shred Tail," is the one that received the overwhelming majority of votes from parents and kids. As you see in the image, the pattern is based on a variant of our logo and the Shred Dog's tail. This pattern will be used on our hardshell jackets and pants.

SHRED DOG - Shred Tail Pattern

The second pattern we call "Dog Pile" and is obviously also inspired by our logo design. While we initially thought we'd just use the most popular option, Dog Pile was also so popular in the voting (and we love it too) that we just had to keep it. This print will be used on our neck gaiters along with one other design that you'll just have to wait and see! 

SHRED DOG - Dog Pile Pattern

Next Up on our Timeline

In addition to finalizing the exact number of colorways we'll be launching with, we are also now working feverishly to get our first samples/prototypes built to be delivered for wear-testing by the end of 2017. We'll refine based on our wear-testing, and plan on second prototypes being delivered by the end of January 2018. Other pre-production setup continues in anticipation of us placing the full production order in the spring for delivery next fall. We are also working on some other branded merchandise, the process to pre-order SHRED DOG gear in the spring, and more, so stay tuned! 

Marc Dietz
Marc Dietz



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