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Kid Approved Products

Kid Approved Products

by Dallas Moore April 04, 2018 0 Comments

High performance materials can look good on paper, but you never really know how they will perform until you put them to the test in the conditions they are intended for. The following photo essay gives you a behind the scenes view into one of our product testing trips to Squaw Valley with multiple kids of different ages attempting to find the limits of what our prototypes can handle. 

Please note that the prototypes shown are not the final colors. Click Here to see what the finished products will look like.

When most kids would want to go back to the lodge, SHRED DOG Gear kept these little rippers warm, dry, and wanting to stay on the mountain longer, even in these harsh conditions.

SHRED DOG Kids Winter Jacket

One tough 6 year old testing the Terrier Unisex Kids Hardshell and Mid-Weight Neck Gaiter prototypes.

Our Chief Product Tester, Ryker Dietz, coming down a chute below The Attic, wearing the full "skin-to-shell" SHRED DOG layering system for his upper body (Seamless 1/4 Zip baselayer + Malamute Boys Insulator jacket + Duke Boys Hardshell).

The Duke, Xena, and Terrier Hardshells are all designed with a high collar (with soft anti-chafing interior fabric) to protect the lower portion of the face during days like this or to tuck behind on a windy chairlift ride.

All of our Hardshell Jackets have been designed with a drop-back hem to protect the lower back from the elements.

The Hardshells' integrated Powder Skirts were thoroughly tested on multiple occasions.

There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear, right?

The "Shred Shark" wasn't phased by heavy snow and high winds. 

A rare moment of sunshine.

Picking a line with Dad to make the drop into one of the Granite Chief bowls.

No fear to take the plunge, leaving adult onlookers in the dust. "I was Born to Shred. Try to keep up!"

Testing prototypes is exhausting... a much needed nap on the drive home.

Dallas Moore
Dallas Moore



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